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The Circus

Wow! A big tent was in the middle of the town’s parking lot! We were going to a three-ring
circus. I couldn’t wait for it to begin. Inside and outside of the tent, toys, balloons and
food were being sold. All of the children were so very excited.
Inside the tent, we found good seats so we could see everything. The band started to
play loud music, and the ringmaster came out with a big tall hat on his head.
In one ring, there were small animals, dogs, monkeys and parrots doing tricks. The dogs
were dressed in funny clothes, and so were the monkeys. They rode on bicycles, danced
and climbed ladders.
There were wild tigers and lions in a big round wire cage. A man with a whip was inside
the cage with them. He had them trained to jump through a hoop of fire and to roll over.
He even kissed them! He was very brave!
During the break in the middle of the circus, funny clowns came out and did silly things.
They had happy faces and sad faces. Some had big red noses that honked if you
squeezed them. There were rides on big elephants too. I didn’t go on one because it cost
too much money.
The last act took up the whole tent. It was acrobats. They hung from their teeth, their feet
and their necks high up in the air! They also swung high up in the air and “flew” to each
other. It’s kind of scary to watch because I was afraid they might fall.
I had a very good time at the circus. However, my tummy felt kind of sick from all the
cotton candy and junk food I ate!

tent خيمة
cage قفص
ringmaster مدير حلبة السيرك
whip سوط
hoop طوق
clowns مهرجين
tummy معدة

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