English Communication Skills

السلام عليكم
لقد جمعت لكم هذا الدليل المبسط والذى يساعدكم على التعبير عما تريدونه باللغة الانجليزية وارجو من الله ان تعم الفائدة على الجميع
English Communication Skills
Showing that you’re listening 
أظهار أنك تستمع بشغف
Now, you mentioned 
So, that’s how
Yes, I was going to ask you about that
Could you give me / us an example of
Could you explain in more detail
Showing interest 
اظهار الإهتمام
That’s interesting
What then
What happened next
Thanking and responding 
التعبير عن الشكر و الإمتنان
Many thanks 
Thanks a lot
That’s very kind of you
Thank you very much 
Not at all
It’s a pleasure. / My pleasure
You’re welcome
Don’t mention it
Any time
That’s OK / all right
I’m glad to have been of some help
Asking for information 
طلب معلومة
Excuse me. Could you tell me where … is
Excuse me. Can you tell me
Do you know
You wouldn’t know…, would you
Do you happen to know
I’d like to know…, please
And there’s another thing I’d like to know
I would be interested to know
Please could you tell me
Asking for directions 
السؤال عن الإتجاهات
Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to … (place) please
Which way is the … (place), please
Could you tell me where … is, please
Do you know where … is
Asking someone to repeat 
طلب اعادة ما قاله شخص ما
Could you say that again, please
Would you mind repeating that, please
Could you repeat that, please
I’m sorry I didn’t catch that
I’m sorry, what was … again
I’m sorry
I beg your pardon
I’m sorry, what was that
Checking that you’ve understood 
التأكد من أنك قد فهمت
So, I / We have to
Do you want me / us to
Am I / Are we supposed to
Should I
So, the (general/basic) idea is to
Do you mean
Does this mean that
So am I right in saying
So, what you’re saying is
Expressing uncertainty 
التعبير عن عدم اليقين
I’m not really sure but I think
I can’t say for certain but
It’s difficult to say exactly but perhaps
I couldn’t say, really
I’m not sure
I don’t know for sure but
Giving yourself time to think
اعطاء نفسك الفرصة لكى تفكر
Well, let me see
Let me think
Let me get this right
Um, well, that’s a difficult question / that’s an interesting question
I’ll have to / Let me think about that for a moment 
I think it’s difficult to answer that question
How shall I put it?
Now, how can I best say this
Interrupting politely 
مقاطعة الحديث بأدب
Could I just say something 
Actually, I’d just like to say
Sorry to interrupt, but
Oh, while I remember / before I forget
Excuse me
May I interrupt
Saying you don’t know 
التعبير عن عدم التعرف على أمر ما
I’m afraid I can’t help you
I’m sorry, I don’t know
I’m very/awfully/so/extremely sorry
Excuse me
Sorry, (it was) my fault
I do apologise
Please accept my apologies
Accepting an apology 
That’s all right/OK
Not to worry
That’s quite/perfectly all right
No reason/need to apologise
Don’t worry about it
Giving instructions
اعطاء التعليمات
Make sure
Remember… (to do
Be careful… (not to do
Don’t forget… (to do
Giving directions
إعطاء الإتجاهات 
Go straight on 
Take the first/second on the left / right 
Turn left / right
Go along… as far as
Take the number 7 bus / tram
Get off (the bus / tram) at… (place)
Carry on until you see
Look out for
Checking someone has understood 
التأكد من الشخص قد فهم ما تصبو إليه
Are you with me
Did you follow that
Have you got that
Is everything clear so far
Does that seem to make sense
Sequencing actions 
كلمات الترتيب ( التتابع )
First of all
After that
Making suggestions 
Shall I / we… (do
Let’s… (do
Why don’t I / we… (do
How about… (doing
What about… (doing
I think we should… (do 
I suggest that we… (do
It might be a good idea if we / you… (do
I think the best way of dealing with this situation would be to… (do
If you ask me, I think we / you should… (do
We could
Agreeing to a suggestion 
الموافقة على اقتراح
Yes, I think that’s a good idea
That’s probably the best option
Sure, why not
Yes, definitely
By all means
Good idea
Rejecting a suggestion 
رفض اقتراح
Yes, but wouldn’t it be better to… (do
That’s a good idea, but… (do
Making invitations
تقديم الدعوات 
What are you doing on… (day
Have you got any plans for… (day/time of day
Would you like to… (do
Do you fancy… (doing
What about… (doing
Accepting an invitation 
قبول دعوة
Yes, I’d love to
Yes, that would be great
Refusing an invitation
رفض دعوة 
I’m afraid I’m busy on… (day). How about next… (day
I’m sorry I can’t. I’m… (doing something else 
I’m afraid I can’t make it. I’m… (doing something else
I’d love to, but 
That’s very kind of you, but
Expressing a preference 
التعبير عن مفاضلة أمر ما
I’d much rather… (do) than… (do something else
I prefer… to
I’d prefer to… (do
I think… is much more interesting than
I don’t find… half as interesting as
I like… better than
Making recommendations
اعطاء التوصيات
You mustn’t miss the
You must go to the
You’ve got to… (do
You’ll love the
I wouldn’t recommend the 
You definitely wouldn’t enjoy going to the
Offering something 
تقديم شئ ما
Would you like 
What can I get you
Help yourself to
Please have some
Would you care for some
Can I offer you
Can I get you a… / anything
Accepting something that’s offered 
الموفقة على شئ ما تم تقديمه إليك
Yes, please
Thank you very much 
That would be very nice
I’d like some… , please
Declining something that’s offered 
رفض قبول شئ ما مقدم إليك
I’m all right/I’m fine, thank you 
No, thanks
Not this time, thanks
I’m not sure I could, thank you 
Asking for advice 
What do you think I should do
What would you do (if you were in my situation
What would you advise me to do
Giving advice 
اسداء النصيحة
I think you should… (do
You could… (do
Why don’t you… (do
If I were you, I’d… (do 
Have you tried… (doing
Asking for permission 
طلب الإذن
Can I…/May I…, please
Do you mind if I
Mind if I
Any chance I could
I wonder/I was wondering if I could
Would it be possible for me to
Do you have any objection if I
Would it bother you if I
Giving permission
إعطاء الإذن
Of course
By all means
Yes, that’s OK/fine 
You’re welcome to
Please feel free to
Please don’t hesitate to 
Go ahead
Why not
Refusing permission 
رفض الإذن
I’m afraid not. I’m sorry it’s not possible
I’m afraid you can’t
I’m afraid that’s out of the question
I’d probably agree on that 
I think that’s probably right 
That’s absolutely right
Sure! That’s exactly what I think
I couldn’t agree with you more
That’s what I think
Yes, but
True, but 
I see what you mean, but
I suppose so, but
Yes, but on the other hand 
I’m afraid I disagree / don’t agree / can’t agree 
I’m not sure if that’s strictly true
You have a point there, but
Actually, I’m not sure if I agree with that
Asking what someone thinks 
استطلاع رأى شخص ما
What do you think
What do you reckon
What’s your opinion about/of
What’s your position on
What’s your reaction to
What’s your take on
Do you have any thoughts on
Stating consequences 
التعبير عن تتابع الأحداث
As a result
Because of this
Due to (cause
Expressing two points of view
التعبير عن وجهتين للنظر 


On the one hand…, on the other hand
Although I’d…, I certainly wouldn’t
While I might…, I don’t think I’d
Of course I’d…, but I’m not sure if I’d
There’s no doubt that it would…, but there’s also a chance it might

Giving examples 
إعطاء الأمثلة
For example
For instance
One example of this is
To give you an idea 
Look at the case of
Take, for example
Let’ say
Justifying your opinions 
تبرير الرأى ( أعطاء الأسباب )
Personally, I (don’t) think… because
Let’s (not)… because
In my opinion, I (don’t) feel… because
I would definitely (not)… because
It would be better to… as
I (don’t) feel that it’s important to… as
Linking what you’re saying 
الربط بين ما تقول
True, but 
As a matter of fact
… sort of
… you know
… believe me
Ordering / Sequencing 
الترتيب التتابع
First of all
To start with
Another thing is that
Last but not least
But don’t you agree that
Yes, but I’m sure you’d agree that
Don’t you think that
Presenting an opinion 
Personally, I think that
It seems to me that
From my point of view 
In my opinion
ترتيب الأولويات
… would be much more important than
I don’t think… would be nearly as important / urgent as
… will definitely be the most / least
It’s difficult to say exactly but I suppose it could be 
I’m not sure but it might be
It can’t be… because
It must be… because
I would guess
So what it comes down to is
The point I’m trying to make is
Let me just recap what’s been said so far
In short
To sum up
Overall, it would seem that
That’s all
Best of luck

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