ADN = Any day now CRB = Come right back

اختصارات انجليزية

ADN = Any day now 

AFAIK = As far as I know 

AFK = Away from keyboard 

ASAP = As soon as possible 

ASL? = Age/sex/location

B4N = Bye for now 

BAK = Back at the keyboard 

BAS = Big a** smile 

BBIAB = Be back in a bit 

BBL = Be back later 

BBN = Bye bye now 

BBS = Be back soon 

BFD = Big f***ing deal 

BFN = Bye for now 

BRB = Be right back 

BTA = But then again

BTDT = Been there, done that 

BTW = By the way 

CICO = Coffee in, coffee out 

C&G = Chuckle and grin 

CNP = Continued in next post 

CRB = Come right back 

CRBT = Crying real big tears 

CU = See you 

CUL = See you later 

CUL8ER = See you later 

CYO = See you online 

DBA = Doing business as 

DL = Dead link 

DIKU = Do I know you

DITYID = Did I tell you I’m distressed

DTRT = Do the right thing 

DWB = Don’t write back 

F2F = Face to face 

FAQ = Frequently-ask questions

FWIW = For what it’s worth 

FYI = For your information 

GA = Go ahead 

FISH = First in, still here 

GAL = Get a life 

GL = Good luck 

GMAB = Give me a break 

GMTA = Great minds think alike 

GTRM = Going to read mail 

GTSY = Glad to see you 

HAGN = Have a good night 

HAND = Have a nice day 

HIG = How’s it going 

HT = Hi there 

HTH = Hope this helps 

IAC = In any case 

IAE = In any event 

IC = I see 

IHA = I hate acronyms 

IHU = I hear you 

IM = Immediate message 

IMCO = In my considered opinion 

IMO = In my opinion 

IMS = I am sorry 

IOW = In other words 

(IRL = In real life (that is, when not chatting 

IYSWIM = If you see what I mean 

JIC = Just in case 

JK = Just kidding 

JTLYK = Just to let you know 

KIT = Keep in touch 

KWIM = Know what I mean

L8R = Later 

L8R G8R = Later gator 

LHO = Laughing head off 

LOL = Laughing out loud 

LTM = Laugh to myself 

LTNS = Long time no see 

LTR = Long-term relationship 

LULAB = Love you like a brother 

LULAS = Love you like a sister 

MorF = Male or female 

MOSS = Member of the same sex 

MOTOS = Member of the opposite sex 

MTF = More to follow 

MUSM = Miss you so much 

NP or N/P = No problem 

NRN = No response necessary 

OIC = Oh, I see 

OMG = Oh my God 

OTOH = On the other hand 

OTTOMH = Off the top of my head 

PM = Private message 

QT = Cutie 

(RL = Real life (that is, when not chatting

RSN = Real soon now 

RT = Real time 

SETE = Smiling ear to ear 

SO = Significant other 

SOMY = Sick of me yet

SOT = Short on time 

SOTMG = Short on time must go 

STW = البحث في the Web 

SUP = What’s up 

SYS = See you soon 

TA = Thanks again 

TAFN = That’s all for now 

TCOY = Take care of yourself 

TGIF = Thank God it’s Friday 

THX = Thanks 

TLK2UL8R = Talk to you later 

TMI = Too much information 

TNT = Till next time 

TTYL = Talk to you later 

TU = Thank you 

TY = Thank you 

UW = You’re welcome 

WAYD = What are you doing 

WB = Welcome back 

WBS = Write back soon 

YW = You’re welcome

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